Coerver Coaching Munster have been busy during the enforced CoVid-19 break with a new structure and some new faces to the ever evolving coaching team. Plans are already in place for the return to full participation with a busy summer schedule starting back in late July. The new structure will consist of 15 head coaches managing regions throughout Munster with a further team of coaches assisting at each venue.

“Despite the issues from CoVid 19, there is an increased demand for our Performance Academies & Partner Club projects and we need strong regional coaches to help manage this. We have increased our capacity in Cork and also added further coaching resources in Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford, ” Jason Brown Coerver Coaching Director. “There is a great mixture of playing and coaching experience within the team and i know all of the team buy into the Coerver phylospohy to help each individual player to maximise their potential both as a person and a soccer player.For the next month we are all working through Coerver’s extensive staff training program to ensure that we are all fully compliant and ready to deliver The World’s No 1 Soccer Skills Coaching Method to players and clubs throughout Munster.”

As part of the new expansion there will be new programs and extra venues starting in Cork, Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford.

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